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Learn more about our experienced pediatric foot doctor in Rancho Santa Margarita.

As an experienced pediatric foot doctor in Rancho Santa Margarita, Dr. Salma Aziz diagnoses and treats foot and ankle conditions for younger patients in addition to adults.

  • Many childhood foot issues are congenital
  • Approaches to care differ between adults and children

Since childhood consists of plenty of change and development, it can be difficult to pinpoint podiatric problems and not mistake them for typical growth and development. Seeing an experienced podiatrist can help ease your mind about your child’s development and bring your attention to issues that require further intervention. If your child’s pediatrician suggests that you get an opinion from a podiatrist, or if you are unsure about your child’s foot and ankle development, contact our office today.

Pediatric Foot Doctor by Dr Salma Aziz at Foot and Ankle Specialty Group in Orange County

Pediatric Foot Doctor by Dr Salma Aziz at Foot and Ankle Specialty Group in Orange County

What are the most common foot and ankle issues in kids?

You may notice that your child is flat footed, which means that he or she does not have an arch. This is actually quite common, because children are born with flat feet and the arch develops later. However, if your child has been walking for several months and still has no arch, it can result in pain.

Another common problem among children is toe walking. If your toddler learns to walk and is only walking on his or her toes, rather than the whole foot, it could require a look from the podiatrist. However, usually toe walking corrects itself after your toddler has some practice with walking.

Pigeon toes are another common foot condition among children. This is characterized by walking with your toddler’s feet turned inward. This practice is normal for the first two years, so it should also adjust after some practice. If you are unsure whether your child’s foot problems are resolving on their own or not, contact your pediatric foot doctor in Rancho Santa Margarita.

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How will I know if my child has foot problems?

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact symptoms you should keep an eye on when it comes to your child’s feet. This is because there is a big range of normal for children of every age and in every stage of development.

If there are any troubles with your child’s feet at birth, his or her pediatrician will notice shortly after and will be able to recommend next steps. As your child grows older, certain problems like toe walking and flat feet can be concerning at first, but eventually resolve after a certain amount of time. However, if these problems are growing more severe or worsening over time, you should contact Dr. Salma Aziz, a pediatric foot doctor in Rancho Santa Margarita for advice. Keep in mind that even if your child is dealing with a developmental foot or ankle issue, extensive treatment is not always needed. In many cases, it is an easy fix to get your child’s feet and ankles healthy and in good shape.

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