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Growing Pains

When children grow too fast, it can cause growing pains. For many kids, growing pains can be quite annoying and painful. The most common area of a child’s body to be affected by growing pains is the feet. 

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What to do if Your Child Has a Foot Problem

There are many common pediatric foot issues that should be addressed as soon as possible. Early detection of many foot issues in children is key to the prevention of further damage or long-term suffering. Undiagnosed issues can lead to the following long-term issues: 

  • Weak muscles
  • Arthritis 
  • Deformity
  • Severe pain 
  • Mental anxiety

Children’s Feet by Dr. Salma Aziz at Foot and Ankle Specialty Group in Orange County

Children's Feet by Dr. Salma Aziz at Foot and Ankle Specialty Group in Orange County

Common Pediatric Foot Problems

Below are some of the more common issues children can have with their feet.

Flat Feet

Flat feet is a condition typically a hereditary issue passed down from one of the parents. If you notice your child walking with a funny gait or they constantly complain that their feet are sore, it may be flat foot issues. Foot strengthening exercises or custom-made orthotics can often help correct this condition, and early treatment and preventative measures are essential in avoiding the need for future foot or ankle surgery.

Misaligned Feet

When your child has misaligned feet, the small bone between their ankle and heel bones will slide off the heel. This problem can lead to a number of serious problems and pain that can be long-term. First attempts at treatment might include strengthening exercises and stretching. If this doesn’t help, a minimally invasive procedure may be suggested to correct the issue.

Ankle/Foot Injuries

Children are typically very active, and it’s possible for them to get hurt without noticing at first. If your child begins to complain of pain in one or both of their feet, it could be due to an ankle or foot injury. Bruising, breaks, tears, and sprains need to be diagnosed and treated properly as soon as possible. Even a mild sprain could end up being a lifelong problem if not treated quickly.

Ingrown Toenails

An ingrown toenail refers to when the toenail grows into the sides of the nail bed. When this happens, the toe skin can become broken and is at risk of becoming infected, which can become serious if not treated. Antibiotics are usually tried first, and then a quick procedure in which an anesthetic is injected into the toe.

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Additional Symptoms

Heel pain: Heel pain present in a child is not something to take lightly because children don’t usually experience heel pain the way adults do. If your child’s heel pain doesn’t go away in a couple of days, it’s crucial to have them examined and properly diagnosed.

More often than not, heel pain is caused by inflammation of the heel bone’s growth plate. This can be treated at home using rest, ice, and stretching techniques. Bone infections are also a possible cause of heel pain in children.

Warts: When children have warts on their feet, they can be frustrating and tricky to treat. Warts are caused by the manifestation of a virus which is commonly picked up at damp places where lots of people gather (such as beach bathrooms, pool locker rooms, and any other common area where there is a wet, damp floor or surface). Once your child’s warts are properly diagnosed, treating them is simple — yet important. The most critical part of wart treatment is keeping the area clean and dry. 

Why Choose Foot & Ankle Specialty Group?

For most problems involving children’s feet, a simple in-office procedure can treat the issue. However, when surgery is required, you’ll want an experienced specialist in the area of foot and ankle surgery. Led by Dr. Salma Aziz, Foot & Ankle Specialty Group is a modern, family-friendly podiatry office. In business since 2001, Dr. Aziz is a staple in her community and is extraordinarily good at what she does. She has built her practice on time-tested practices and spends plenty of quality time with her patients in order to develop the right treatment plan. Now with the additions of surgeons Dr. Petrina Yokay and Dr. Jessica Arneson, Foot & Ankle Specialty Group has even more to offer our patients.

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