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Joni's Experience at Foot and Ankle Specialty Group

Keith's Experience at Foot and Ankle Specialty Group

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"My search for relief from plantar fasciitis started over 10 years ago. Running finally took its toll on my feet. Doctor Aziz used ultrasound technology and orthotic inserts to completely cure me from plantar fasciitis and keep it from coming back. In recent years Doctor Aziz and her friendly and efficient staff has helped me over come an ingrown toe nail, toe nail removal, and some painful neuromas. If you are looking for a highly skilled doctor who really cares about your health and well being, you should check out Doctor Aziz."


"Dr. A has taken care of me and my son Jonny, for various foot ailments, over the past 4 years. If there were more stars available, she would deserve each and every one. Aside from her tremendous skill as a physician and surgeon, her loving demeanor and infinite patience have resulted in our lifelong loyalty to her. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a wonderful podiatrist."

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"To whom it may concern: Thanks to Dr. Aziz for the excellent care in the treatment of the toenail fungus. The laser treatment has been most successful. It was short and painless- I highly recommend this treatment"

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