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Learn more about our experienced pediatric foot doctor in orange county.

An experienced pediatric foot doctor in Orange County, Dr. Salma Aziz provides care for young patients in addition to adults. Early childhood is a time of rapid development and change, and it can be difficult to know whether or not your child’s feet are developing correctly or if there are problems that need attention.

here are even some foot conditions which can present themselves in early childhood and then go away over time with some walking practice, including:

  • Flat feet
  • Toe walking

If you are unsure about your child’s foot development, or if his pediatrician has suggested that there may be foot problems developing, you need a trusted podiatrist to evaluate the situation. Contact Dr. Salma Aziz’s office today for quality pediatric foot care. At our office, we understand that having your child see a doctor that you can trust is integral in your health care experience.

We see children for a large variety of foot issues, including injuries. Some of the most common developmental issues we see are:

Toe Walking

Many toddlers begin walking on their toes instead of using the whole foot. This practice typically corrects itself as your toddler continues learning how to walk. However, some intervention may be necessary if your child continues toe walking after some time or only toe walks with one side.

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Pigeon Toes

This condition is when your child walks with his or feet turned inward instead of straight. This is another practice that is typically normal while your child is learning to walk, but should be adjusted after some time.

Flat Feet

Your child is actually born with flat feet, because the arches develop sometime around the toddler years, soon after he or she starts walking. If flat feet persist into early childhood, it can cause pain for your child.

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How can I tell if my child has foot problems?

As your child’s foot develops, you may notice that something seems not quite right, like flat feet, toe walking, or similar. However, these issues typically fix themselves eventually as your child continues to learn how to walk. If these problems continue to worsen rather than improve over time, you should mention it to the doctor.

If your child is born with a foot or ankle problem, it will likely be spotted right away by his or her doctor in the hospital, allowing you to find out everything you need for early treatment. If you aren’t sure, you can always contact our office to have Dr. Aziz, an experienced pediatric foot doctor in Orange County, evaluated and examine your child’s feet development. From there, you can work together with the doctor to determine the best method of treatment or therapy.

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