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Learn more about our experienced foot surgeon in Rancho Santa Margarita.

As a foot surgeon in Rancho Santa Margarita, Dr. Salma Aziz works with both adults and children on a number of foot and ankle conditions. Her practice seeks to:

  • Provide diagnoses and care using minimally invasive methods whenever possible
  • Get patients back to their regular activities quickly without pain or discomfort

It is a good idea to contact a foot doctor if you notice any sudden changes in your feet, like a sudden growth, change in appearance, onset of pain, or other change. Letting foot and ankle conditions progress without any treatment can only make it more difficult to walk, comfortably wear shoes, or work. You should also contact a foot doctor if you play sports and injure yourself. While resting and applying ice therapy is good, getting thoroughly checked is also important to make sure your injury isn’t severe. Finally, parents should take their child to the foot doctor if there is any concern over development of the foot or with walking.

Surgical Treatment for Bunions by Dr Salma Aziz at Foot and Ankle Specialty Group in Orange County

Surgical Treatment for Bunions by Dr Salma Aziz at Foot and Ankle Specialty Group in Orange County

Which non-invasive treatments are offered?

Before turning to surgical treatments, your foot surgeon in Rancho Santa Margarita will help you to explore different non-invasive treatment methods, including:

Custom orthotics

Made especially for you, these orthotics are designed based on your condition, foot shape, walking habits, and more. Custom orthotics can help to cushion your foot and take pressure off of problem areas.

Ice and heat therapy

Icing painful spots can help to reduce swelling, while heat therapy offers soothing pain relief.


Pain medications, anti-inflammatory medications, and more may be recommended or prescribed to help you manage pain associated with your foot and ankle conditions.

Physical therapy

Your foot doctor might recommend physical therapy to help you regain range of motion and comfort in your feet.

Other treatments that might be provided or recommended at our office include rest, elevation, taping, and more. Your foot doctorwill help you determine which treatment will be best for you based on your consultation.

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Which surgical procedures are provided?

There area a number of procedures performed by your foot surgeon in Rancho Santa Margarita for conditions that are severe or not responding to other methods of treatment. Some of the procedures performed by Dr. Salma Aziz include:

  • Removing a nerve that is contributing to neuromas
  • Realigning affected joints or repairing ligaments and tendons in the case of bunions
  • Realigning bones and reinforcing tendon structures in the foot to treat flat feet (or fallen arches)
  • Removing a portion of the nail in the case of ingrown toenails, thickened toenails, or black and blue nails

Dr. Salma Aziz and her staff seek to provide minimally-invasive surgical methods whenever possible to allow you to recover quickly and resume your normal activities without much down time.

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