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Discover how our skilled foot and ankle specialist can help you.

Dr. Salma Aziz is a foot and ankle specialist assisting patients in the Orange County area. She is the best choice for patients searching for podiatric care, with experience in:

  • Foot and ankle conditions
  • Sports injuries
  • Children’s foot development

Flatfoot Correction and Reconstruction at Foot and Ankle Specialty Group in Orange County

Flatfoot Correction and Reconstruction at Foot and Ankle Specialty Group in Orange County

Which conditions do you see at your office?

At our center, Dr. Salma Aziz sees patients for a wide range of issues. Virtually any problem that affects your feet, ankles, or toenails can be helped through activity modification, medications, physical therapy, minimally invasive treatment, or surgery. Some of the most common conditions that we encounter include:

Whether your primary doctor has recommended that you visit a podiatrist, or you are experiencing trouble with your feet, ankles, or toenails, contact our office today.

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Will I need a consultation?

The consultation is a very important first step in your medical care. During this appointment, foot and ankle specialist Dr. Salma Aziz will talk with you about the pain or discomfort that you are experiencing. She will want to know how intense the pain is, when you first noticed it, and if there are any activities or positions that make the pain worse or better. Additionally, she will perform a physical evaluation and ask questions to find out about your medical history.

In some cases, further diagnostic testing is necessary in order to discover your condition or to rule out other possibilities. All of this is important when it comes to deciding the best way to approach your care. There are a lot of different treatment options available, both non-invasive and minimally invasive, and a consultation is the best possible way to determine what will work for you. Contact our office today to take the next step for improving your health and comfort.

Will I need surgery?

Not all patients will need surgery. In fact, many foot and ankle conditions can be managed with non-invasive treatments. However, in some cases, patients need surgery in order to completely become pain free. These procedures can involve cutting tendons or performing other permanent measures. Fortunately, Dr. Salma Aziz utilizes minimally invasive methods for her surgical procedures, so you can be sure that you are not going to have to face lengthy recovery times. Contact our office today to find out how our foot and ankle specialist can help you get moving again.

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