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Discover how custom foot orthotics can help to relieve your symptoms.

Custom foot orthotics can help to manage a number of foot and ankle conditions and pains. If you are dealing with any type of foot issue, consider talking to Dr. Salma Aziz about your options.

  • Dr. Aziz is an expert in custom orthotics in Orange County
  • She can help you achieve a level of comfort that works for your life

Custom foot orthotics are helpful because they correct the mechanics of your foot, which targets your issue at the source rather than just trying to cover up pain or relying on invasive surgeries.

Which conditions can benefit from custom foot orthotics?

Here are some of the most common types of conditions that can be helped with custom orthotics:

Flat Feet

Custom orthotics can help redirect the area of your foot that bears weight in order to relieve pain.


A condition that involves irritation to your nerve, custom orthotics can reduce irritation by adjusting your foot’s support.


Custom orthotics can direct pressure away from ulcers, reducing pain.

Custom foot orthotics can also help with calluses, bunions, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and other conditions. If you are wondering whether or not custom orthotics could be beneficial for you, contact our office today.

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How are custom orthotics fitted?

If you need custom orthotics in Orange County, your doctor will measure your feet first to ensure that you get orthotics that are specially crafted for your feet only. Your orthotics will match the contours of your feet and complement the way that you walk. To get a perfect fit, your doctor will thoroughly evaluate your feet, legs, and ankles.

You’ll notice that custom orthotics for plantar fasciitis in Orange County are more costly than the standard shoe inserts that you can buy in the store, but the extra cost is worthwhile. Since custom orthotics for all conditions are tailored to you, you can be confident that they are working for your feet. These orthotics are also made of quality materials that will last for several years if you follow your doctor’s instructions for care.

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