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an image of fungus at the bottom of a foot

    Warts on the feet, also referred to as plantar warts, can sometimes resemble dirt or open pores on the soles of the feet. They often appear as dark dots and do not always protrude out of the skin like warts in other places. However, plantar warts can be painful and cause extreme discomfort while walking.

    How are plantar warts diagnosed?

    Individuals who suspect that they have warts on their feet should see their doctor. A foot doctor is able to examine the feet, evaluate the patient’s medical history, and possibly perform diagnostic tests that can rule out things that resemble plantar warts. A doctor will most likely come up with a treatment plan after diagnosing, and may even choose to begin the treatment in the same visit.

    How are plantar warts treated?

    The most common treatment for plantar warts is similar to warts in other locations on the body – freezing them. This is done with a dry ice and only causes minor discomfort, similar to a stinging or tingling sensation in the feet. An additional treatment option is cauterization, where the foot is numbed using a local anesthetic and a hot tool is applied to the wart to kill the cells. If neither of these treatment methods are effective, antibodies may be prescribed to fight off the warts internally.

    What causes plantar warts?

    The most common way for an individual to get a plantar wart is to step in an area where someone else with warts has stepped. As a result, warts are commonly transmitted in dorms, dressing rooms, locker rooms, and public showers. This is especially true because moist environments are conducive to the survival of warts. This is why it is important to wear shower shoes, slippers, or sandals when walking on the floor or in a public area, rather than going barefoot.

    Once you have plantar warts, there is a small chance that they will return after treatment. However, they usually only resurface in smaller numbers.

    While plantar warts can be embarrassing and painful, they can be easily treated by a doctor. With quick treatment, warts can be completely eliminated and allow you to walk comfortably and wear open shoes with confidence.

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