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an image of Lebron James playing basketball

    Foot protection is essential to success in anything individuals do in strenuous environments, especially athletes. Running up and down a court and using several parts of your body to maneuver can cause serious damage if not protected. Several foot doctors and specialists have raved at the benefits of foot orthotics, which has led athletes like LeBron James to utilize them in every game.

    Given the hard-nose play James partakes in on a nightly basis, foot orthotics have become a necessity for him on the court. James is one of the many players that wear orthotics for support. In 2010, Cleveland.com reported that James and nine other players would not step foot on the court without wearing foot orthotics. When James is playing, it is obvious that he uses several angles and foot directions to get to the basket, which is just one of many aspects that foot orthotics can help athletes with.

    Throughout James’ career, Nike has crafted some of the most innovative sneakers for his apparel line, but they haven’t always agreed with the way James has used his feet. This is where foot orthotics come in. According to sneakerreport.com, when James wears his newest sneaker, the Nike LeBron 12’s, he has to add extra support by wearing his Foot Care Express orthotics. This brand emphasizes that their orthotics will increase performance and decrease injury, as well as reduce or eliminate pain in the feet, ankles, legs, knees, back, and neck.

    As James continues to age and play regularly, he will become more susceptible to injuries at large. Just by adding foot orthotics to each pair of the sneakers he wears, he decreases his risk of injury. Even at a young age of 30, James probably has the most wear and tear on his body, especially with the several pictures surfacing of his feet. Once damage is done to the feet, other parts become vulnerable, like the legs and back – so it is most important for him to take preventative actions now on the court.

    Foot orthotics can benefit and protect anyone, but come especially heavily recommended for athletes. Even as one of the world’s best basketball players, LeBron James utilizes custom orthotics often.

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